23 Most Extreme South Korean Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos

South Korean plastic surgery has become a way of life over there. Double eyelid surgery, jaw surgery and complete facial transformations are actually very socially acceptable in Korea. In fact, it's very common for girls (and guys) to ask their parents for plastic surgery as a graduation present. Over 20% of woman age 20 - 49 have admitted to getting cosmetic surgery. While most people only have minor procedures, there are those who take it to the absolute extreme. These 23 photos show how men and woman alike have completely change their appearance.

It's popular to get a large and/or round jaw shaved down to look smaller more petite. A small pointed chin is seen as being very attractive in South Korea. Also, it's common to get the eyes widened. These two procedures combined are enough to totally change anyones face.

This girl's face looks much more more petite now. Her jawline is much smaller and her eyes look a lot bigger. It's hard to believe this is even the same girl!

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